The Ultimate Buying Guide For Used Trucks

11 December 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Buying a used truck, especially used semi trucks like used Volvo trucks, is a little bit different than searching for a new one. It requires more research as used trucks are not always in the best of conditions. You can find a quality used truck if you consider this buying guide. 

Look Underneath the Truck

It's easy to get distracted with used trucks that are in near perfection condition on the outside. What many shoppers forget to realize is that there might be severe damage underneath. Always perform a thorough inspection by getting underneath the truck or having it hoisted up on a lift. 

See if you can spot any leaks or areas that look like they were repaired. Some parts to pay particular attention to are the brakes, steering components, suspension, u-joints, and frame. Ensure these parts are in good condition, free of rust and damage, before signing on the dotted line. 

Get a Truck You Need, Not Want

At first, you may think you need the biggest and most powerful truck on the market. These needs may not be realistic, and you may end up paying a fortune for them. Stick to what you need, rather than want, to choose a truck that's within a realistic budget. 

What will the truck be used for? If you plan on traveling through rugged environments, you'll typically need four-wheel drive. Or you may plan on working out of the truck, in which case you'll need a truck with a large bed and toolbox. If you're just concerned about getting to destinations, you probably don't need as much power or as many features. 

Negotiate with the Dealer 

Shopping at a used car dealership can be intimidating, but you can still get a good deal if you try some negotiating tactics. You could, for example, print off prices that other people have paid for the same truck you're interested in. If these prices are lower than what the dealership is offering, you obviously have plenty of negotiating power. 

You can also point out damages to used trucks in hopes of getting the dealership to come down on their asking price. If the dealership is firm and not willing to make a deal, you can always walk away. 

Finding the perfect used truck is possible, no matter what features and specs you're interested in. You just have to put in time researching different models and seeing what deals dealerships are willing to offer. With any luck, you'll get a used truck that has everything you want.