3 Tips To Help You Successfully Junk Your Car

26 December 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

When a vehicle stops performing properly, it can quickly turn into a burden. Getting rid of a non-working vehicle can be a challenge, but making the decision to junk the car can be a simple and effective way to remove it from your property.

In order to ensure that you are junking your car properly, you need to take the necessary steps to complete the salvage process legally. Here are three tips that you can use to help you successfully junk your car in the future.

1. Establish ownership of the vehicle.

Before you can begin the process of junking your old car, you will need to ensure that you can establish ownership of the vehicle. This is typically done by providing a copy of the title and registration for the car.

You must not have any liens against the vehicle prior to starting the salvage process, as these liens interfere with ownership. Pay off all vehicle loans, title loans, and other liens that might be listed on your vehicle's title prior to attempting to salvage the vehicle in the future.

2. Work with the DMV to complete the necessary paperwork.

In order to successfully junk a car, you must notify the DMV that you are rendering the vehicle inoperable. This requires you to fill out forms that identify the type of damage the vehicle has sustained and whether or not the car still drives.

You can ask a representative from your local DMV to provide you with a copy of the Damage Disclosure Form that you will need to file along with your title to successfully complete the salvage process.

3. Follow the salvage yard's instructions.

Once the DMV has given you approval to junk your vehicle, you will likely want to work with a salvage yard to remove the vehicle from your property. It's important that you contact the salvage yard directly and ask for instructions to help streamline the removal process.

Many salvage yards have specific preparation requirements that must be followed before they will accept your junk vehicle. Adhering to these guidelines will help you avoid having your vehicle rejected by the salvage yard in the future.

Being able to junk your old car successfully is important when you are trying to get rid of a vehicle you no longer use. Take the time to establish ownership of the vehicle, work with your local DMV to fill out the necessary paperwork, and follow the salvage yard's instructions as you junk your old car in the future.

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