Three Things To Know About Selling Your Antique Car To Someone

4 January 2018
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you have an antique car that you wanted to fix up, but simply do not have the time to repair, you may want to consider selling it to someone as a vehicle they can use for the parts that they need to restore a car that they are working on. There are many people who will buy old cars that are not in good working order to salvage the parts they need quickly and easily from it. The following guide walks you through a few things to know about selling your antique car to someone.

You Need to Get the Agreement in Writing

When you sell an antique car, you need to get the agreement in writing. Within the contract, it needs to state that the car is not in working order and that the person buying it is okay with that fact. You also need to include who is responsible for paying for the towing of the vehicle and the date that the transaction took place. This ensures that the person cannot sue you later on down the road because the vehicle was not in working order when it arrived.

Understand You May Not Get Top Dollar for the Car

The hard part about selling an antique car is that you may feel that the car is more valuable than someone else because you have a sentimental attachment to it. It is important to realize that someone who is buying the car may not see that same value when they are purchasing it. You will not get top dollar for a car when you are selling it to someone else and it is important to know that going into the selling process.

Make Arrangements to Have the Vehicle Transported

It is best to hire a professional vehicle transportation company to transport the vehicle from your home to the person who purchased the vehicle. This will ensure that nothing goes wrong with the transport and that the vehicle can be transported regardless of the condition it is in. It is best to get an estimate for what the transport will cost before agreeing to pay for it to ensure that the cost does not cut into your profits from selling the car. You may need to split the cost with the buyer.

Before you send the car to the buyer, be sure to take pictures of it so that you can show the buyer the condition it left your house in. This will give him or her that the car is going to arrive in the expected condition when it gets to them. Visit a site like for more help.