Side Steps V. Running Boards V. Truck Step

18 January 2018
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Trucks are particularly large and people often need assistance to climb into the cabin and the bed of the truck comfortably. There are three popular options that all have their own advantages and disadvantages: side steps, running boards, and a truck steps

Side Steps

Side steps offer the truck driver an area to step on at every entry point to the cabin. They are generally made out of steel or aluminum and come in a number of different colors. Most side steps can hold more than 500 lbs. Side steps also help protect the rocker panels and truck doors. You have the choice between a round shape and oval shape. Oval shaped bars offer more stability due to their girth compared to round shaped bars. 

Running Boards

Running boards give the truck driver a longer area to step on that goes the entire length of the running board. This means less mishaps, and running boards are the most secure option available. They also have the most vibrant history. They provide a much more dynamic appearance because of how long they are and carry at least 300 lbs. Generally speaking, you have two options: cab length running boards and wheel-to-wheel running boards. Wheel-to-wheel running boards let the driver easily reach the bed of the truck, so it is the preferred option for people who will be loading and unloading on a regular basis. 

Types of running boards:

  • standard running board- running boards that was part of the vehicle from the manufacturing process
  • molded running board- running board made out of UV-resistant polymers and aluminum
  • aluminum and stainless steel running board- running board made of aluminum or steel 
  • lighted running board- running board adorned with lights to make it easier to see and more aesthetically pleasing
  • automatic running board- running board that automatically adjust into position when you open the door but retract under the vehicle when the door is closed to maintain a sleek look. 

The only con is that running boards can get dirty and lower your vehicle's ground clearance. 

Truck Step

A truck step is a small single step by each door of the cabin that the driver or passenger can use to pull themselves into the vehicle. It's the smallest and cheapest option available, but it does not provide the same amount of support that the other options offer. Some people prefer the other options stylistically as well.